It is born, because of the passion of the whole team for music, after several years separately dedicating ourselves to the design, textile ... after living it closely, we realize that in the merchandising, the true owners of the intellectual work should Be the artists themselves, who in most cases are manipulated and tied by contracts and abusive clauses of representatives, record companies etc .... We join with the intention of offering an alternative in which artists have the opportunity to manage their own merchandising.

Our idea is that the group be involved in all the movements of your store, and of course, decide articles, prices, margins .... We just try to put the means to reach the largest possible audience.


A young and dynamic company with a risky but honest idea.

The whole team is joined by the same passion, the music, each with a different style and tastes join forces and make available to the group the experience accumulated individually during the last years.

Always with the same connection link the following profiles come together in the project:

Rosana: A professional designer with experience in the trade of the textile sector is in charge of the preparation and administration of the stock.

Beto: Bajista with more than 10 years on stage and graduated in magisterium deals with contact with groups and store management.

Santi: Graphic and web designer with extensive experience in different areas of the graphic arts responsible for the image.

Quni: Guitarist and composer who is already part of the national rock / metal hitoria, an artist with a computer engineering that is responsible for social networks and dissemination.

Jose: A friendly hand always willing to lend a hand in any area that is needed.